Your Appointment with Dr Meade


Dr Meade has consulting rooms at Ramsay Place, North West Private Hospital, and a sessional clinic at The Wesley Hospital.  


Your appointment is for a consultation only and, if indicated, will involve a rectal examination.  This would include digital rectal examination, external and likely internal examination via Rigid Sigmoidoscopy.  No bowel preparation is required.  If you require a support person present for any part of the consultation, please discuss this with our staff prior to your appointment. 


Haemorrhoid banding or skin tag removal is an uncomfortable procedure and is therefore not performed in the rooms. 


Dr Meade operates in private hospitals.  Private health cover/hospital cover is required to claim some of the costs of inpatient procedures. You are welcome to discuss this with our reception staff at any time prior to your appointment or procedure.


Payment is requested on the day of your appointment.  Provided your referral is current and valid, we can process your account to Medicare so that you will receive a rebate.


Both of our consulting rooms are wheelchair and walking-aid accessible. 


We have a 24-hour Notice of Cancellation policy.  As we offer a cancellation list for patients who are waiting, please provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 


Our reception staff can arrange transport for DVA card holders. 


Dr Meade spends the time required to address and manage the problem each patient presents with. This may take longer than anticipated at times. We apologise for keeping you waiting if this is the case.  



What To Bring To Your Appointment


Please bring the following to your appointment with Dr Meade.

  • A copy of your current referral
  • Medicare card
  • Private Health Fund card
  • Relevant reports, scans, and pathology test results (if available)
  • Medication and allergies list.